Igbo world assembly

The Igbo World Assembly (IWA), is the only bona fide, inter-continental, Igbo Advocacy group of its kind founded on May 19, 2008, and represents a committed attempt to truly perfect a Global Igbo Union. IWA is founded on the twin principles of Njikoka and Igba Izu (cooperation/synergy and collaboration) and we are committed to working with, collaborating with, partnering with all genuine Igbo political, economic and social expression vehicles. By presenting a platform to leverage Igbo Diaspora as a strategic partner on Igbo issues, IWA aims to advance the Igbo agenda as never before done in our post-war history.
Ndiigbo need to stop leaving the substance behind in pursuit of shadows. it’s high time Ndiigbo deployed diversified strategies and applications of sophisticated diplomacy, removed from “Nzogbu Nzogbu” that has not produced meaningful result.

The old mindset and approach of putting all eggs in one basket has not worked and has only portrays Ndiigbo as predictable and often times leads to the demise of our proverbial “Igbo agenda”. Here are some perspectives and principles on the actualization of the proverbial “Igbo agenda”:



— Igbo leaders are supposed to be men and women elected by a group to act and speak on their behalf. Igbo leaders are supposed to derive their authority and power from the people they are leading or representing and exercises such power and authority for the benefit of the people and not for themselves or external powers.
—Igbo leader’s words and actions must at all times reflect the fully discussed and agreed views, opinions, needs, aspirations, fears and interests of the people they represent. Igbo leaders should protect and defend the interests of the people at all times and should be prepared to lay down their lives in defense of Ndiigbo, if need be. We do not need our Igbo governors, Igbo politicians, Igbo leaders and some Ohanaeze leaders to be saboteurs and mercenaries against Ndiigbo and Igbo interest

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