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2022 Anambra Worldwide Medical Mission events

The 2023 medical mission was like no other with huge interest generated around the world. below are samples of the pictures depicting the impact to the community at large.

ASA-World is “Fired Up! Ready to Go!! “’on it’s 2018 Medical Mission

ASA-World  is “Fired Up! Ready to Go!! “’on it’s 2018 Medical Mission and Diaspora engagement with Anambra stakeholders.  Anambra State Association-World-Wide (ASA-World)  is again, “Fired Up! Ready to Go!! “’on it’s 2018 Annual Medical Mission and Diaspora Engagement” with Anambra stakeholders. Medications ordered! Glasses sourced and ordered, Medical Practitioners to handle the usual prostate, gynecological exams, treatment and […]


Message From The Chairman Fellow Anambra State citizens and friends of Anambra State Worldwide , we welcome you to this website which is dedicated to all the freedom loving people of the world, especially those of you that have positively identified with the poor masses of Anambra State in their struggle to enthrone democracy and […]

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