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Japan earthquake

ASA-World extends solidarity to our brethren exposed to the recent earthquake in Japan

Earthquake in Japan This is a “shout-out” and a wholesome expression of gratitude from ASA-World to God in his omnipotent wisdom for sparing the lives of our brethren in Japan on this recent devastating earthquake.   So far, the news from our contacts in Japan confirmed that no Anambra-Igbo-Nigerian was affected by this recent natural disaster(earthquake) […]

Asaworld medical mission

Why You should support the ASA World 2015 Medical Mission

THE MISSION:   ASA-WORLD will be embarking on a medical mission to Anambra State from July 6, 2015-July 14, 2015.  All Anambra indigenes from across the globe, over 27 member organizations are working in concert with Global Healthcare Foundation, Med Point Management, Stevenson Orthopedic Medical clinic and other Stakeholders who believe that anyone living in Anambra and […]

Asaworld medical mission

ASAWorld Governing Council appoints Vintage Travel & Tours

ASAWorld Governing Council has appointed Vintage Travel & Tours as  the travel agency for the ASAWorld 2015 Anambra Medical Mission. To make your travel arrangements easy and affordable, Please contact Vintage Travel & Tours now! Vintage Travels & Tours 8600 Vintage earth Path, Laurel MD 20723 Phone:   240-353-4038


Breaking News! Anambra Worldwide Diasporas (ASA-World) gets oomph from Med Point Management on its Medical Mission

Ladies and gentlemen, Med Point Management, Dr NA Anakwenze’s business affiliates and friends have just added much needed oomph to our ability to purchase medication and surgical supplies in this July 6th to the 11th 2015 upcoming Medical Mission with their recent donation of $5,000.00 (five thousand dollars)  The Medical Mission which is scheduled for July […]

Anambra Worldwide (ASA-World) Medical Mission to Anambra State

July 6th to the 17th 2015: This is a reminder to all Stakeholders, well-wishers and philanthropists wishing to “pay it forward” from all the blessing and the privileges they have enjoyed. Anambra Worldwide (ASA-World) 2015 Medical Mission to Anambra State is scheduled for July 6th to the 17th 2015:.     Anambra Worldwide Diasporas (ASA-World), a non-profit umbrella Anambra Diasporas organization […]