Message from ASA World Chairman

Fellow Anambra State citizens and friends of Anambra State Worldwide , we welcome you to this website which is dedicated to all the freedom loving people of the world, especially those of you that have positively identified with the poor masses of Anambra State in their struggle to enthrone

Dr. Nwachukwu A.

Dr. Nwachukwu A.

democracy and good governance in the State. Our mission is to provide support and encouragement to our long suffering people as they continue to battle against persons and institutions that are bent on keeping them poor and oppressed.

We welcome you to our part of the world with open arms, with the hope that your exposure to Anambra State through the window of ASA-World shall increase your interest in learning more about the beautiful, hardworking, dedicated, honest and hospitable folks of Anambra State. The resources of our great land with her rich history will grant you an opportunity of a life time to experience your dreams and be rewarded financially, emotionally and intellectually. We encourage you to take your time and explore this website so that you can take full advantage of all the benefits we have to offer.

Anambra has been and will continue to be the “light of the nation” in Nigeria and in Diaspora. Overseas Anambra remains the “gateway “to nearly all noteworthy developments and trail blazing records. Great leaders have emerged from Anambra State. Notable among them are Nnamdi Azikiwe, Cardinal Arinze, Emeka Anyaoku, Nwafor Orizu, Chinua Achebe, to mention a few. Anambra people are open minded, patriotic and willing to work with others for the common good. Our leaders have to be the best because we promote meritocracy, a system that gives opportunities and advantages to people on the basis of their ability rather than their wealth or seniority. Our clear and firm pursuit to be the best we can be betrays our refusal to accept mediocrity. That my friends, has been the cornerstone of our collective nickname as the “light of the nation”

Anambra State Association, Worldwide (ASA-World) is open and available to all Anambra citizens who wish to advance the welfare of our people. Our membership is based on individual registration and participation in our numerous organizations throughout the world. The officers of these associations are drawn from able men and women with a history of long and dedicated service to their local branches who have chosen to volunteer this experience on a national basis for the benefit of Anambra State. Our record so far has shown a lot of success due to the superior work habits of our past and present officials. This is the main reason for our rapid growth and wide spread popularity both in Diaspora,Nigeria and especially in Anambra State. I wish to extend my heartfelt appreciation to all the past officials for building the strong foundation that we are currently sitting on to make ASA-WORLD a strong and vibrant organization.

We are committed to enhancing the welfare of Anambra State people, both in Nigeria, and all over the world. It is my belief that a strong and confident Anambra community anywhere in the world will be available to her friends and neighbors in times of need and as a shining example of what a united people can always achieve through honesty and hard work. The history of our people shows that our parents were good and generous neighbors, creative, community builders, kind, always enhanced the social, economic and political environment they reside in, widely travelled, well spoken and always found time to contribute to the development of the people who are at home. ASA-WORLD’s goal is to continue and advance these historical high standards that our parents had set all over the world. We have no plans to disappoint them.

In our effort to meet these goals, we are appealing to all sons and daughters of Anambra State to join us and contribute their quota towards our objectives. This appeal also goes to all the friends of Anambra State and those of your who genuinely care for humanity, since our service is focused on the enhancement of the quality of life around the world. We need your expertise in all areas of human services because we are a young organization and we are yet to fully understand the processes that lead to the establishment of a strong non-profit institution. Several organs of major establishments should be available to help us to enhance the welfare of our people.

We welcome all types of help, financial, political, educational, scientific and networking. The people of Anambra State need a lot of help to overcome poverty. Health care needs as well as housing, educational, transportation, infrastructural and environmental conditions of our people are in a terrible state of decay. Your help in any of these areas will be greatly appreciated. Relevant contacts to various agencies, profit or non-profit organizations that can help our young association to improve our people’s welfare will be highly appreciation.

ASA-World shall continue to work with the government of Anambra State to ensure proper management of our people’s resources. Our goal is focused on the promotion of the ideals of democracy in line with the basic principles of Igbo cultural doctrine. The practice of democracy was cherished by our forefathers and therefore, we as their able descendants have no intentions of accepting anything less. We shall work with the government in any environment we reside in to ensure peace and harmony for our people and the general community. This association will continue to encourage her members to play an active role as good citizens in the political development of the communities in their places of domicile while respecting and fulfilling the responsibilities of citizenship.

Anambra State government must be made to respect the basic principles of a democratic government and we shall oppose all forms of government that attempt to abuse the rights of our people. Our right to vote and be voted for is not negotiable because this is a fundamental human right issue. Anambra State people have a God given right to elect their leaders and this association will continue to fight on the side of the citizens to preserve that right. Leaders cannot be imposed on Anambra people by outsiders.

Our outstanding record in this effort has helped to bring sanity into the governance of Anambra State, with the establishment of a government that was elected by the people and one that is currently dedicated to the wellbeing of the people. This is the standard we intend to support. We shall not hesitate to do anything that is legal and within our powers to remove any government in Anambra State that falls short of these democratic standards. Our members are good citizens of the World and we want them to keep it that way. ASA-WORLD shall encourage her members to vote in their places of residence so that their full citizenship rights and obligations can be protected.

Let us look beyond the office holder of the day and party politics of the day, let us look towards our great state, the “light of the nation” and how we can work with the current custodian towards growth and development of our great state to live up to its name as, “The light of the nation”. Today it is Governor Obi, tomorrow it will be Governor “somebody else”. ASA World pledges to work with Governor today and Governor “somebody else” tomorrow, provided that the Governor “somebody else” has the state’s best interest at heart and in mind.
ASA World, have been and will continue to constructively engage the government of Anambra state in the areas of economic, education, health security and social development of the state thereby ADDING VALUE to the state.

Individual or corporate bodies who wish to increase their contact with our people or the government of Anambra State should feel free to use our contacts and extensive resources for such goals. We are interested in encouraging healthy business, social, technological, political and educational opportunities within our communities and our governments at home and abroad. The great people of Anambra State have a long history of welcoming visitors and their hospitality is legendary. ASA-World envisions a network of Anambra State Associations on a worldwide basis that will be centrally linked for the provision of welfare for our people anywhere. Towards that goal, I am inviting other Anambra communities around the world to seek their brethren within the regions that they currently reside and form an association. ASA-WORLD will be available to use her experience in helping them to mobilize every resource they will need to achieve resounding success.

Thank you for visiting our website, may God bless you and your families and friends.

Nwachukwu Anakwenze MD. MPH. MBA
ASA-World Wide Chairman


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