Anambra Worldwide (ASA-World) Medical Mission to Anambra State

July 6th to the 17th 2015:

This is a reminder to all Stakeholders, well-wishers and philanthropists wishing to “pay it forward” from all the blessing and the privileges they have enjoyed. Anambra Worldwide (ASA-World) 2015 Medical Mission to Anambra State is scheduled for July 6th to the 17th 2015:.  


Anambra Worldwide Diasporas (ASA-World), a non-profit umbrella Anambra Diasporas organization is herewith, broadcasts a reminder to all Anambra Stakeholders, Well-Wishers and philanthropists its July 1st to the 10th 2015 free Medical Mission to Anambra State.



This years’ free Medical Mission to Anambra State of Nigeria is scheduled for July 6th to the 17th 2015:.  The Mission is envisioned by Anambra State indigenes (ASA-World) from across the globe and so far, sponsored by our 27 member organizations from across the globe, Global Healthcare FoundationStakeholders (those who believe that anyone living in Anambra and surrounds with access to the Mission would be welcome), our world-wide well-wishers and philanthropists from across the globe.


ASA World membership is currently made up of Anambra State indigenes from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, China, Dubai, Russia, Spain, Japan, Iceland, Ireland, Pakistan, India etc.


The core participants in this Mission are Clinicians, physicians, pharmacists, Nurses, Dentists, Optometrists, Opticians, Specialists in all medical fields and Social workers; professionals with strong clarity of purpose and sole agenda of working together with all stakeholders, government and non-government organization in meeting the needs of the citizenries of our home state of Anambra State. We are also, putting out calls for Professionals and Volunteers from “all walks of lives”; Anambrarians and non-Anambra volunteers are welcome as well. To those non-Anambra Doctors, Professionals and Volunteers who have answered our call, we say, “Thank you”!  


This mission will include examination, care and treatment of thousands of people in Anambra States and surrounds needing surgeries, restoration of sights, dispensation of medications, prostate, gynecological exams, treatment and counseling for hypertension, diabetics, gastrointestinal and other infectious diseases.


Because we are anticipating that hundreds of patients will present with variety of inconceivable illnesses; from eye disease ranging from cataract blood pressure, prostate and some, we hope to have sufficient staff to examine, treat and perform surgeries where necessary, as such, we are soliciting interests from Clinicians, physicians, pharmacists, Nurses, Dentists, Optometrists, Opticians, Specialists in all medical fields professionals with kind hearts to donate their time, tool, equipment and or fund for this noble initiative.


All our ASA-World members and our partners in service organization are expected to bring along  to this Mission, their customary “Signature Projects” that have in the past, included innovation, Science and technology transfer, skills acquisitions /development, vocational training, scholarship initiatives, university to university student exchange program, motherless and orphanage charity missions to this 2015 mission.


Paramount to this Medical Mission is heightening interest from Stakeholders, well-wishers and philanthropists wishing to “pay it forward” and interested in making this Mission a success. That means that all our Member Service Organizations, Stakeholders, Well-Wishers and Medical Volunteer group are required to genuinely participate: 

·         In sourcing interest(s) from doctors in their respective countries (No restriction from state of origin; non-Anambra volunteers are welcome)

·         Member Service Organizations, in sourcing their minimum contribution of $2000.00 ( two thousand dollars) required of the respective ASA-World member countries in support of this initiative

·         In the intensive campaign(s) required to engender interest in the projects

·         By paying $3500.00 (three thousand dollars) required by sponsors of respective towns slated for 2015 mission. Payment must be received by ASA-World Financial Secretary on or before the deadline of April 30th 2015.

MISSION PURPOSE: To offer Free Medical Services to the under-privileged, to save lives of the impoverished people of Anambra State/Nigeria and to contribute in the capacity building relevant to the growth and sustainable development of Anambra State/Nigeria (Our home state/homeland).


DURATION OF THE MISSIONJuly 6th  to the 17th 2015. 


CITIES/TOWNS10 Towns are slated, 6 are currently declared “Prospects” and or are “Paid”. There are seven prospects to date.  Some of who have made partial payment to hold and or full payment to secure their towns. They include:

  1. Ihembosi
  2. Oko
  3. Orama-Etiti-Anam  
  4. Ozubulut
  5. Oba
  6. Obosi
  7. Abagana
  8. Agulu-Uzoigbo
  9. Open – Hurry! Call to add your town before someone takes this spot
  10. Open – Hurry! Call to add your town before someone takes this spot
Our congratulations to the “Prospects” but payment must be received immediately or before the due date to guarantee that the Mission goes to their respective towns.
PERSONELS  STILL NEEDED: We thank those Medical and non-Medical professionals who have come forward, mostly Doctors, Pharmacists, Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Specialists , Internal Medicines, Social Workers, Nurses, dentists, and allied medical field practitioners as we look forward to those wishing to join this noble efforts. Those volunteers and professional wishing to participate are to contact:

WORLDWIDE CONTACT: In USA; Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze (Mission / ASA-World Chair) @ (310) 993-8053 or e-mail nanakwenze@yahoo.comUnited KingdomChristian Onuorah, +447568141220 or ( Canada, Christopher Nwakoby-, Spain, Chris Ofodile 0034632989416 South Afric, Frank Anyaeche, +27829677670, frank.anyaeche@gmail.comJapan, Chief Tony Ikeotuonye, Dubai,  Dennis Ilechukwu,P+971501577134 


For this Medical Mission to be successful, all the Member Service Organizations, Stakeholders, Well-Wishers and Medical Volunteer group will be required to genuinely participate. I am pleased to announce that we now have from almost all our chapters; from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Dubai, South Africa etc. 

10 Doctors

5 Pharmacists

3 Optometrists  

6 Nurse Practitioners

4 Registered Nurses

At least 20 Volunteers; Social Workers, Counsellors, Psychologists  and many individual willing to volunteer their time , equipment and money. (No restriction from state of origin; non-Anambra volunteers are welcome)



Member Service Organizations, to continue to  source donors, volunteers and to  contribute $2000.00 ( two thousand dollars) towards the mission

Sponsors to pay $3500.00 (three thousand dollars) required by sponsors on or by April 30th 2015


Anambra Worldwide Diasporas goal remains to continue to collaborate with the leadership in our home State in seeking sustainable human/infrastructural growth and development.  From ASA-World’s perspective, the Diaspora value added to sustainable human/infrastructural growth and development is an immeasurable factor that should be taken seriously. As such, we pledge continued involvement through medical mission and other ways conceivable, in seeking emerging issues and service gaps that are paramount to the growth and Sustainable Development of Anambra State of Nigeria. See you all July 6th to the 17th 2015:


Together we shall prevail!


Chudi Asidianya, BA, MA, LSC                        Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze 

ASA-World General Secretary                         ASA-World Chairman

P: 905-447-3726| F: 905-432-7602                    P: 1310-993-8053

ASA-World-Wide 2013; “Diaspora Engagement in the Development of Anambra”, a smashing success

ASA-world Diaspora Engagement- Presentation

A heartfelt gratitude to the Anambra State government, Anambra Stakeholders, the youth, members of the media; print and otherwise, members of ASA-World delegates, from Canada, the United States, China, Russia, ASA Women in the United States, other delegates from the States,, ASA China and ASA Africa. A special “shout-out” to the Hon. Commissioner for youth and sport, Hon. Dr. Dozie Aroh and the

ASA-World Diaspora Engagement

ASA-World Diaspora Engagement

incomparable Governor of Anambra State of Nigeria, His Excellency, Peter Obi for his continued support for forward thinking initiatives. This year ASA-World had the opportunity to engage the “Stakeholders” in ways that that are uncharacteristic to the citizenry as it welcomes the aspirants to a “meet and greet” that will provide them with ASA-World’s yardstick for good government moving forward. It was also a prime opportunity to thank His Excellency for his eight years of incomparable service to the people of Anambra State as well as s a prime opportunity for the ASA –World to present His Excellency, Gov. Peter Obi for his service excellence to the people of Anambra State and to wish him well in his private life.
The three day “Diaspora Engagement in the Development of Anambra”, a smashing success; thanks to the efforts of all involved in seeing the Anambrarians reach its promise to the people. From the opening to the closing day, the commissioner for youths and sports, Hon. Dozie Aroh was front, back and centre in the success of the events. The event attracted the “ who is who” in Anambra State, beginning with the father of the day, Professor Ikedife of the Anambra Elders Council, Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo leaders. Our gratitude also goes to Eze Eri, Akajiofor Igbo, Eze Nri , Eze Uzu of Awka and the council of traditional rulers, League Anambra State Professionals and Educators.

Our mission is to provide support and encouragement to our youth as Anambra goes through its transition to greatness. ASA World is dedicated to providing message of hope to our youth as we prepare them for their rightful place as the future leaders of our great state. The three day Diaspora engagement in the development in the development of Anambra State included presentation on, the unleashing the potentials in farming presentation by Ikenna Offor, youth empowerment; skills training and acquisitions by Dr. Azu Ikejiani, vocational education; preparing today’s workforce and future entrepreneurs by Dr. Meshack Okpala, rural industrialization for youth employment in Anambra by Dr. Francis Nwonwu, HIV and AIDS in Nigeria, the Anambra situation by Dr. Ejike Nwene, production of caustic soda by Dr. Emeka Madumelu and exchange of programs and technological initiatives between Nigeria and Canada by Chudi Asidianya.
The summit was also an opportunity for ASA-World to inspect all the projects completed and yet to be completed by the current administration and use the record to hold all the aspirants to an account in the hope that whoever succeeds this administration will complete all the incomplete project of this administration that are undertaken for the good of Anambra State. It is an honour to report that the group gave a resounding approval to Governor Obi’s effort at road network. The group covered Anambra State before down with unanimous appreciation of this administration’s road network efforts.
Our gratitude to all and any aspirants to the office of the governor of the great Anambra State who attended our “meet and great” and a reminder to all, including those unable to attend due to logistics that, there is always a September ASA /IWA sponsor debate for all identified party flag bearers. The debate to be centred on why the respective party flag bearers believe they are the right candidate to replace the current administration and what they plan to do to outdo them.
Long live Anambra State! Long live the light of the nation!! Together we shall prevail!!!

Chudi Asidianya
ASA –World General Secretary

ASA-World Diaspora Engagement attendees

ASA-World Diaspora Engagement attendees

ASA-World Diaspora Engagement- Youth attendees

ASA-World Diaspora Engagement- Youth attendees

ASA World Diaspora Engagement-Attendees

ASA World Diaspora Engagement-Attendees

ASA World Diaspora Engagement- More Attendees

ASA World Diaspora Engagement- More Attendees

ASA World Diaspora Engagement- Women and Children Attendees

ASA World Diaspora Engagement- Women and Children Attendees

2011 PINK & BLACK AFFAIR Fundraising Gala and Educational Conference

Anambra State Association, Women in the USA cordially invites you to their 2011 PINK & BLACK AFFAIR Fundraising Gala and Educational Conference on Saturday, October 29, 2011 at Four Points By Sheraton, New Orleans Airport.
Regular Ticket: $50, individual sponsor: $100. Bronze: > $250, Silver >$500, Gold > $2,000 and Platinum > $5,000.



Proceeds are in support of breast cancer awareness, early detect…ion and treatment; cervical cancer screening and vaccination, diagnostic equipment; assist skilled women, girls & physically challenged persons with equipment grants; and providing food, medicine, clothing and education to orphanages in Anambra State, Nigeria.


There are many ways that you can show your support. You can:

  • Become a SPONSOR OF THE AFFAIR – there are different levels of sponsorship, something to suit everyone
  • PURCHASE RAFFLE TICKETS – there are a range of great prizes to be won.
  • PLACE AN ADVERT IN THE PROGRAM BROCHURE – your support will become memorialized (DEADLINE: OCTOBER 20, 2011)

Resources you need:

  1. Registration form
  2. ASA Women USA Flyer
  3. Invitation Card

We urge your support, thank you and look forward to your involvement.

RSVP BY OCTOBER 20. to Dr (Mrs.) A. Uche Umeh, National President, 301 520 3849, email us:


The State Government has taken delivery of over twenty thousand, five hundred books donated by Anambra Progressive Association, Toronto , Onario Canada for the State Libraries. Governor Peter Obi received the books at the Professor Kenneth Dike Central Library, Awka. He said the gesture would assist the present government efforts to promote reading culture through well-equipped and functional libraries as part of the efforts to promote qualitative education and positive attitudinal change. He recalled that Professor Kenneth Dike Library was the first library to be built by the State Government since 1967 and has been adjudged the best in the South-East Zone and will soon be fully equipped and put into use.

The Governor disclosed that the library has been chosen as one of the electronic libraries in the State and will soon receive computers and other internet facilities.

Governor Obi while thanking the association for the donation, enjoined the library management to ensure proper documentation and announced that two more Associations have pledged to donate more books to the State and restated the commitment of his administration to take right decisions that will change the State. He charged our people in Diaspora to emulate the gestures rather than making senseless criticisms their forte.

The Secretary of the Association Mr. Prince Ofumelu said the books were part of their contributions towards the on-going transformation of the State especially the Education Sector. He disclosed that within the next six months the Association will donate more books, computers and other educational materials to the State.

He extolled Governor Obi for initiating and completing the library project which he noted is of world class standard and the best in the country.

Another member of the Association, Obiageli Nriagu urged people of the State to put the books to good use and commended the remarkable achievements recorded by the Governor.

Also speaking, the Director State Library Service, Nkem Osuigwe said they will soon take delivery of computers, internet facilities and power generator from the Universal Service Provider of the National Communication Commission – NCC

—-One of the demonstration of ASPA Canada proven record of working together to meet the needs of our communities, through ethical leadership, cooperative and accountability. A DVD copy of full presentation ceremony will be available at ASPA Canada October 23, 2011 General Meeting—-.

Chudi Asidianya,President
Anambra State Progressive Association of Toronto , Canada
Visit us at:

Election monitoring team

2011 election monitoring team

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