December Free Medical Services to ni-Anambra

Ndi-Anambra from across the globe collectively called “ASA-World,”  will be embarking on December 19 through 22 2016 Free Medical Mission to Anambra State of Nigeria. Anambra State Diasporas Association World -Wide (ASA-World) is the umbrella Anambra Diaspora, non-profit initiative of Ndi-Anambra from across the globe; Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Russia, China, Japan, Ireland, Iceland, Holland, Pakistan, India, Dubai, Greenland and recently Switzerland and Germany.

Each year, Anambra indigenes from across the globe, over 27 member organizations work in concert with Stakeholders and supporters who share the philosophy that a healthy nation is invariably a wealthy nation, visit Anambra State on the premises that anyone living in Anambra and surrounds with medical need, should have access to free and or affordable medical treatment. We are all  driven by the need to give back to the disadvantaged.



To offer Free Medical Services to the under-privileged, to save lives of the impoverished people of Anambra State/Nigeria and to contribute to the capacity building initiatives of the government of the day’s blueprint for growth and sustainable development of Anambra State of Nigeria (Our home state/homeland).


Our 2015 free Medical Mission to Anambra State of Nigeria was such a “Colossal success” that observers to the towns visited expressed interests in taking  the Mission to their towns.  The 2015 Mission saw approximately 20, 000 (twenty thousand) people in five towns visited.  Four towns expressed interest in being part of our 2016 Mission by the end of the 2015 Mission



Last year overwhelming number of Clinicians, physicians, pharmacists, Nurses, Dentists, Optometrists, Opticians, Specialists in all medical fields and Social workers; professionals signed and participated on this mission . Medical professionals from almost all chapters of ASA-World; from Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Dubai, South Africa etc  donated their times and services to this noble course. Psychologists and many individual willing to volunteer their time, equipment and money are welcome (No restriction from state of origin; non-Anambra volunteers willing to support are welcome). If you live in the Americas your time  and services  to our community development initiatives can be quantified into tax receipt/credit as approved by the US Internal Revenue code.


DURATION OF THE MISSION: December 19 through 22 2016. International Members, Doctors , Nurses, Medical Professionals and volunteers are expected to arrive no later than December 15, 2016 in preparation for the Mission. The Mission begins in on the 19th and terminates December 19 through 22 2016

Five towns have expressed interest in being part of our December 19 through 22. 2016 Free Medical Mission.  Sponsors must identify and meet the Mission’s requirement(s) to guarantee that their towns are visited.Towns  to date:

free medical mission to anambra states

  1. Abagana
  2. Ojoto,
  3. Ora-Eri
  4. Oba
  5. Ozubulu

are the beneficiaries of this years Mission.

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2 Responses to “December Free Medical Services to ni-Anambra”

  1. Joyce okuhon says:

    Good day, Am Nurse Joyce from Nigeria who loves medical missions like this where l can volunteer to care and help the illing once.Really commend this group’s effort in bringing medical care to the grassroot so encouraging.
    I write to show interest as a volunteer for the medical mission holding in Anambra 2016, thanks as l await your reply.
    Joiceobi@yahoo. Com

  2. Kingsley Atuokwu says:

    Good day sir,
    I’m real happy about the primary aim of this great association. It’s quite humane. I will love to participate in the selfless service to the indigenes of our beloved state b/c my life is all about service to humanity. My Names are Kingsley Atuokwu from Umuoji. Hope to see you guys on the 18th. May God bless you all.

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