2016 Medical Mission- a colossal success

ASAWorld‘s Diaspora Global “Think Home”  Partner in Service organisations 2016 Medical Mission cum Diaspora Engagement a “colossal success”.
asa-world-call-to-serveHappy and Blissful New Year from ASAWorld‘s Diaspora Global “Think Home”  Partner in Service organisations to our supporters, sponsors and well-wishers . ASAWorld‘s “Think home philosophy” pays dividends to those in need and the marginalised at the 2016 Medical Mission, let make pay even more to the under services, less privileged and the marginalised. 
On behalf of the Anambra State Association Worldwide (ASAWorld), the secretariat is pleased to pronounce by consensus of opinion the 2016 “Free Medical Mission” to Anambra State of Nigeria, just completed a “colossal success“. The Mission was seen on all accounts to have met its goals that encompassed direct “Diaspora Engagement Summit”, collective actions plan for reaching sustainable growth and development in Anambra State of Nigeria. A true Diaspora “Think Home Philosophy” that is guaranteed to pay dividends to the marginalized and those in need someday.

The 2016 Free Medical Mission to Oroma-Etiti Anam on 9th December 2016 revealed our suspicions that there are needs to reach out to the under serviced areas of Anambra State. It also,  underscored the need for collective action in filling the service gaps in Anambra State.  
The outpour of gratitude from those visited during this Mission can be captured from the” statement of appreciation’ from the sponsor of the town of Oroma-Etiti Anam, Christian Onuorah (Enyi Anam) who wrote, ” on behalf of Ndi Anam, I express my gratitude to Anambra State Association (ASA) World on their successful Free medical Mission to one of the seven villages in Anam – Oroma Etiti Anam. Ndi Anam, will never forget the excellent services of the Doctors, Opticians, Nurses, Pharmacists, volunteers and the Crowd Control Team”.

The Mission to the town of Abagana may have been low-keyed, because the town of Abagana has grown conversant with  ASAWorld free Medical Mission visiting Abagana annually, given that ASAWorld‘s Medical Director is from the town of Abagana. Nevertheless, the reaction was equally that of appreciation and pride from the recipients of the free Mission in Abagana thanks to their illustrious son of the soil, Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze, His wife Dr., Mrs. Vicky Anakwenze and family .
One most touching benevolence on this 2016 Medical Mission was the act of donating free walkers, wheelchairs and other medical devices to those most in need of those appliances we all take for granted at each town the Missions visited.
The one recurring expression from all the recipients of the walkers, wheelchairs was  that Jesus has come down from haven, through ASAWorld to answer their respective prayers” . A “telling”  reminder to our partner in service group of the reason we remain our brother’s keepers. 

The town of Ora-eri saw the most drama during the Mission. In addition to the routine medical examinations and treatments, the Mission met with the excitement of having to deliver the first ASAWorld‘s Medical Mission baby, appropriately named Amaechi, after Amaechi Douglass Okeke Ezemba (Nze Nwanonaobi) the sponsor of the Ora-eri Mission. As if baby delivery wasn’t enough, the Mission saw its first near death experience when the medical personnel had to bring back to life and to consciousness a dying person.
Because we are aware that the government of Anambra State does not have limitless resources to provide for the needs of all Anambrarians, we appreciate the opportunity to work in concert with the government and the stakeholders of the day in Anambra State in meeting the needs of the citizenry. To that effect, we say, kudos to the Office of the Diaspora Commission under the leadership of Hon. Stella Onuorah, Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs for making available the transportation spacious enough to transport over 60 members of the medical mission to the medical mission locations and back to the hotel.  Kudos, also goes to Chief Cy Agupugo , Senior Special Assistant to His Excellency, Governor Willie Obiano on Diaspora Affairs for his leadership and supports during the Mission.
We credit the leaderships and supports from the Office of the Diaspora Commission to His Excellency Governor Willie Obiano’s willingness to work with all stakeholders in meeting the needs of the Anambrarians. Let us just say that “Willie is working” this time , in concert the Diaspora Anambrarians in meeting the needs of the Anambra citizenry.  
On behalf of our  27 Diaspora Anambra partners in service group from Canada, United States , United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Russia, China, Japan, Ireland, Iceland, Holland, Pakistan, India, Dubai, Greenland, Switzerland,  to Germany , ASAWorld reaffirms that our goals remain to engage from the Diaspora in researching and filling service gap, jointly pursuing projects of economic relevance, promoting health and wellness of those in need and the marginalized, writing our narratives as our brothers keepers as the same time we celebrate our rich heritage, culture and history through brotherhood, owing nothing but love to all men and women.
Congratulations to all our partner in service organization on a “Colossal successful” Mission.  Seasons Greeting and a blissful New Year to all. We look forward to a continued successful Medical Mission and Diaspora engagement with the Anambra State stakeholders in 2017.
Happy and Blissful New Year from ASAWorld‘s Diaspora Global “Think Home” Partner in Service organisations to our supporters, sponsors and well-wishers .
We challenge all Anambrarians , Supporters and well wisher to Join our partners in service group from home and abroad in seeking answers to sustainable development in our home state; “the light of the nation”. Our contact ; anambraworldwidesecretariat@gmail.com/www.anambraworldwide .com to join our 2017 effort.
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