ASA-World is “Fired Up! Ready to Go!! “’on it’s 2018 Medical Mission

ASA-World  is “Fired Up! Ready to Go!! “’on it’s 2018 Medical Mission and Diaspora engagement with Anambra stakeholders.

 Anambra State Association-World-Wide (ASA-World)  is again, “Fired Up! Ready to Go!! “’on it’s 2018 Annual Medical Mission and Diaspora Engagement” with Anambra stakeholders. Medications ordered! Glasses sourced and ordered, Medical Practitioners to handle the usual prostate, gynecological exams, treatment and counselling for hypertension, diabetes, gastrointestinal and infectious diseases  are all  in place. Ergo; we “Fired up! And ready to go!!

Notwithstanding our readiness “standing”, we (ASA-World) are still accepting donations by way of Money, Wheelchairs, Walkers, Blood Pressure Machines, Blood Sugar Machines, etc. from our global sponsors, well wishers and those all around good people willing to “pay it forward” for the blessing bestowed to them in the past year(s).


ASA-World  is a non-profit umbrella of Anambra Diasporas organization of Ndi-Anambra from across the globe; Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Russia, China, Japan, Ireland, Iceland, Holland, Pakistan, India, Dubai, Greenland and recently Switzerland and Germany as part of our collective “Think Home Philosophy” collective that are driven by the need to come up with “Action Plans” for constructive engagement with all stakeholders in our home state (Anambra) in meeting the needs of the citizenry.


The purpose of ASA-World Medical Mission is to offer Free Medical Services to the under-privileged, to improve the lives of the impoverished people of Anambra State of Nigeria, contribute to the capacity building initiatives of the government of the day. Work in concert with all Stakeholders in our State in designing the blueprint for growth and sustainable development of our home state/homeland and to “pay it forward” from all the blessings and the privileges we have enjoyed in Diaspora.


Our 2018 Mission is jointly sponsored by the kind hearted donors who believed in “paying it forward” and or in giving back scintilla of the blessings bestowed to them by the good Lord in the past year(s). 

Generally each sponsors donate the sum of $3500 US ( or a set amount of 1.4 Million Naira) used to purchase the medicine and medical supplies for the Mission . This years sponsor:

Sponsor Town  Date
 Chief  and Mrs Nathan Ogbatue (Owelle Abatete/Ikemba Abagana and Ugodie Abatete Abatete   
Chief Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze (Onowu Abagana) Abagana  
 Chief Kingsley Chibuike Umeh ( Nnam Odum na Eri Kingdom)   Ezinifite   
 Ms. Adaora Chukwuma (Ada Anambra, Stainless na Ukpor)  Ukpor  
 Chief Cosmas Ogugua Agagbo, Okpoka Abah   Abba  
 Peter Maka, Chudi Asidianya  Obosi  

Thanks to the above wishers and members of our “think home brother’s keepers” group we six towns are ow scheduled for our 2018 free mission.     

Volunteer Medical Practitioners Needed:

Nwachukwu Anakwenze MD, Physician Health Care Provider – ASA-World Medical Director

Vicki Anakwenze MD, Physician Health Care Provider 

Dr. Agbasi and his Nigeria team of Doctors and other Medical Practitioners


Members of Anambra State Pharmacy School Staff and student

Members of Anambra State Medical School Faculty and students

Members of Anambra Nursing school and Students 

We are grateful to our core participants in this Mission; clinicians, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, optometrists, opticians, specialists in all medical fields and Social workers; professionals whose sole agenda is working together with all stakeholders, government and non-government organization in meeting the needs of the citizens of Anambra State and Nigeria in general. 


The range of treatment in this Mission includes conducting free medical examinations, caring and treating thousands of people in Anambra States and surrounds needing surgeries, restoration of sight, and dispensation of medications, glasses, prostate, gynecological exams, treatment and counseling for hypertension, diabetes, gastrointestinal and infectious diseases.


We will also, be taking the liberty during this Annual Medical Mission to unveil our Annual Summit that will showcase our  renewed “Action Plans” for constructive Diaspora engagement with Anambra stakeholders on; 

  1. “Direct Investment” scheme
  2.  Vocational and skill trade
  3.  prospects of modern mechanised Agricultural techniques;
  4.  and Marketing travel and tourism in Anambra State with particular emphasis on historical sites like “Ogbunike Cave” 


We are also. expecting our respective members global partners in service organizations to use the Summit to showcase their respective “Signature Projects” like; 

  1. Innovation, Science and emerging Technology – Canada
  2. Trade, Skills Acquisitions, Vocational Training – United Kingdom
  3. Motherless and Orphanage Charity Program – United Kingdom
  4. Scholarship Initiatives, University to Universityprogram – south Africa
  5. Health and Wellness (Women and Basic Health Practices that saves lives) – USA
  6. Youth engaging youth, from the diaspora to Nigeria – USA
  7. Micro finance; fundamental of finance    – USA


Duration of the mission & scheduled towns and sponsors:  Our 2018 Medical Mission is scheduled to begin December 18 and terminates December 23

Our track record: Double click to view.


Join us, on December 18 through December 23  for a Free Medical Mission, as we continue in our “Capacity Building”, and “Diasporas Engagement” with the Anambra State Stakeholders in making Anambra; “light of the nation” a Strategic Asset in Nigeria. 

We are still accepting donations by way of Money, Wheelchairs, Walkers, Blood Pressure Machines, Blood Sugar Machines, etc. So! “Pay it forward”! Join us!! After all, to him/her much is given, much more is expected. No amount of donation too small.

Your contribution  to our 2018 Capacity Building, International “Diasporas Engagement  effort is highly appreciated”.  Long live Anambra World-wide partners in service global communities (ASA-World)! Long live Anambra Spirit!! And may God give those entrusted with “Public Trust”(Our governance) the spirit and the wisdom to understand that “rank does not give rights or privileges, but it rather imposes responsibilities. Together we can make a difference in the lives our citizenry.

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