A Presentation of the ASA World President / Governing Council
August 4, 2011
1. Q: What are the main organs of ASA World?
A: ASA World has the following organs (Words in bracket are for descriptive purposes):

  1. Board of National President/Directors;
  2. The Governing Council ( Headquarters);
  3. The General Assembly (Grassroots Anchor);
  4. ASA World’s Security Committee (Political Arm);
  5. ASA World’s Economic Committee (Economic Arm);
  6. ASA World’s Social Committees (Social Arm)
  7. ASA World’s and Trusteeship Committee (Advisory Arm);
  8. ASA World’s Legal Defense Committee (Legal Department);
  9. ASA World’s Media and Public Relations Committee;
  10. The Secretariat (Department of Administration).

2. Q: Is the proposed structure set in stone?
A: No. An optimal structure is obviously a desideratum. ASA World’s structure is in complete flux, much subject to continuing refinement and optimization and it is the job of the Governing Council to ensure that ASA World is structurally disposed to fulfill her mission.
3. Q: Why are we called ASA World?
A: Because ASA World is Anambra Indigenes by and co-terminus with Ndi-Anambra World-Wide. In particular, ASA World is owned and operated by the Anambra State Indigenes registered Associations world-wide in equal, undivided and indivisible interests. ASA-World is run on the basis of one country one vote. ASA-World will however,consider among other things the size of affiliate members of the various organizations while executing projects.
Each of the various organs – the General Assembly (with its system of delegates based on ASA World-Certified State and affiliates); the ASA World Security Committee (dealing with Anambra State socio-political affairs); the ASA World Economic Committee (dealing with strategic Anambra Economic Affairs); the ASA World Social committee, the Elder and Trusteeship Committees (filled with men of stature, age and suitable discretion to advise the Governing Council); the ASA World Legal Defense Committee (the legal arm of ASA World) and the Secretariat (which shall provide administrative and operational support) – define ASA World as a conglomeration of full scope committees.
4. Q. What do you mean by full Scope Committees?
A. ASA World is a community of leaders sourced from ASA World’s constituent Global Anambra State-based Associations. Those leaders, as crew members in ASA World’s ship will man the various organs in ASA World and those organs shall have considerable latitude to give effect to their missions as approved by the Governing Council.
5. Q. Will there be Sub-Committees?
A. The different Councils can have as many Governing-body approved sub-councils or standing committees as they deem necessary and efficient to attain their mission. For instance, it is expected that an ASA World Human Right Commission would be a sub-committee of the ASA World Security Committee, and that an ASA World Health and Welfare Commission will be a sub-committee of the ASA World Economic Committee.
6. Q. Who will head each Committee?
A. Generally, each of the committee will be headed by a Deputy Secretary General (DSG) who shall be charged with the responsibility for organizing, sourcing personnel (with approval of Board of National Presidents), managing those personnel and be accountable for executing the mandate of the ASA World Governing Council.
7. Q. What sort of a person is qualified to be a Deputy Secretary General?
A: Somebody with excellent organizational and leadership skills who can work as a team member with others and has a demonstrated track record of outstanding community service. A Deputy Secretary General has the following responsibilities:
1. To keep their various committees fully manned and operational;
2. To present reports, resolutions and recommendations to the Governing Council:
3. To Execute on the resolutions duly adopted by the Governing Council.
8. Q. Can you go back to the quasi-autonomy or “full-flegdedness” of the committes?
A. Yes. Each council has considerable latitude to fulfill its mission including the right to hold their own meetings, adopt their own resolutions as warranted and present the Governing Council with modalities for attaining their own mission and shall also have considerable latitude to implement and fulfill their own missions under the aegis of ASA World. However, each committee shall rely on the Secretariat for Budgetary, Publications and Admin Support and all substantive resolutions by committees must be presented to and adopted by the Governing Council prior to implementation.
9. Q. don’t you mean to say that this committee is “Standing Committees” of the Governing Council?
A. Not quite. The different committees may, if they wish, have their own standing and ad-hoc subcommittees – but the committees themselves shall be known and operate as such with the Secretariat providing the requisite degree of co-ordination and coherence.
10. Q. So the committees can structure themselves anyway they deem fit?
A. Yes – subject to the approval of the ASA World Governing Council.
11. Q. What is the ASA World Governing Council?
A. the Governing Council of ASA World comprises:
a. The Board of Presidents;
b. The Secretary General and Deputy Secretary Generals;
c. Emeritus members of the Governing Council;
But note that special invitees of the Presidents such as Anambra State government Liaison and the like may be invited to attend meetings of the Governing Council.
12. Q. What is the Board of Presidents/Directors?
A. the Board of Presidents/Directors comprises duly recognized Presidents or representatives of the various Anambra State Associations world-wide
13. Q. Who is the Chairman of the Governing Council of ASA World?
A. the Chairman of the Governing Council of ASA World is called the Presiding Officer of ASA World. He/she shall also be the Chairman of the Board of Presidents. The Presiding Officer position is held on a two year rotational basis. The Chairman is elected by the Board of Presidents/Directors. He/She may or may not be a currently serving State National President.
14. Q. What are the duties of the Secretary General?
A. The Secretary General of ASA World shall be responsible for providing administrative and logistical support to the Governing Council and shall ensure that the resolutions of the Governing Council are duly executed.
15. Q. Does ASA World hold any elections?
A. No. ASA World’s Officers are by appointment only and may be rescinded at any time for cause by the Governing Council after approval by the Board of Presidents/Directors. Initial appointments shall be for a renewable two-year term. However, Offices within a Council other than the post of Deputy Secretary General may be filled by selection as the committee desires, subject to the consent and approval of the Governing Council.
16. Q: So Offices in ASA World can be changed any time?
A: Yes. All offices may be modified, rescinded, or reassigned as ASA World refines her structure, defines her priorities, and seeks to match people’s skills and talents with the positions where they can serve NdiAnambra better. Again, it shall be the job of the Board of National Presidents to find and appoint personnel for ASA World and to ensure that all arms of ASA World are manned by the finest Anambra talent in Diaspora.
17. Q. So what is the job of the Board of Presidents/Directors?
A. The primary job of the Board of Presidents is to appoint personnel and ensure that ASA World has adequate personnel and that all ASA World personnel are performing at an acceptable standard. Because of ASA World’s mandate for NdiAnambra crew members are held to the highest possible standards. ASA World understands that it sacred mission for NdiAnambra requires error-free operation by its crew members. The Board of Presidents/Directors is the highest decision making body in ASA-World because all the Governing Council’s decisions must be approved of the Board of Presidents/Directors?
18. Q. Speaking about the Governing Council – how are decisions reached?
A. One Country, one Vote.
19. Q. Does the Governing Council have a format for its regular meetings?
A. Yes. The format of the Governing Council regular meeting should be as follows:
a. Report from the Secretariat – including Financial and Treasury reports etc;
b. State of the State Reports by each President;
c. Matters arising from the State of the State Reports;
d. Matters Arising from DSGs report;
e. Report from Chairpersons of Special Projects of the Governing Council.
20. Q. If I am not a Deputy Secretary General, can I still have leadership responsibility in a Council?
A. Yes. Each Committee may create and source various Officer Positions as necessary for their own internal operations. Those positions may be filled by selection, subject to the consent and approval of the Governing Council; however, the Deputy Secretary General of the Council shall be an appointee of the Board of National Presidents. ASA World gives each crew member substantial leadership portfolio and that is why ASA World’s crew members must have a previous track of positive community leadership.
21. Q. If I do not wish to lead any Council but nevertheless wish to be a member of a Council, can I still join?
A. Yes – but ASA World prefers to think of its operatives as crew members and it is expected that every crew member will be manning an operational segment of ASA World at some level. ASA World prefers Anambra men and women who are task and goal oriented and who can bring a “can do” and “will do” attitude in everything ASA World does and it is expected that every crew member will be a leader and have substantial leadership responsibility in their Committee.
22. Q. How many people are in a Committee?
A. As the Committees take shape and define their mission, it is expected that their personnel needs will be met accordingly. At the outset, however, it is expected that each Committee (other than the Media and Public relations Committee) shall comprise at least 6-8 persons. However, ASA World is always looking for a few good leaders who are team oriented and those persons may signal their intent to join ASA World by contacting their respective President. Anyone having appropriate leadership resume will thereafter be recommended to the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of interest for assignment.
23. Q. If I do not belong to a local Chapter of any of the Anambra State Associations, can I still join ASA World?
A. Yes. Membership is via the Apex Anambra organizations. However, you cannot join ASA World unless your President petitions the Governing Council for your admission. It is expected, however, that ASA World crew members will work for the success of their Anambra State Associations to make them highly viable Anambra State entities in their own right.
24. Q. What behavioral issues did ASA World consider in its organizational design?
A. Many. Briefly, ASA World is structured on a distributed leadership model so that every single crew member can exert substantial leadership influence in their own right. In other words, every crew member is a front seater in their own right. In this way, ASA World intends to eliminate vicious and debilitating leadership tussles that have plagued and undermined many Anambra State Associations. Secondly, ASA World does not hold elections. All key positions are filled by appointments only and all appointees are on notice that they are expected to perform to ASA World’s highest possible standards consistent with the lofty expectations that Anambrarians have placed on ASA World. Thirdly, individuals have no vote in ASA World. Votes on substantive issues are by States only. In this way, no individual will be a target for undue influence by Anambra enemies or Anambra partisan politicians and no individual can use ASA World to pursue or advance their own personal agenda – be it political or otherwise.
25. Q. Can you talk about ASA World’s Secretariat?
A. The Secretariat of ASA World comprises the following:
a. The Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General(s)
b. The Deputy Secretary Generals;
c. Assistant Deputy Secretaries as needed who may be called names more appropriate for their functions such as Treasurer, Financial Secretary, etc.
26. Q. What is the mission of the Secretariat of ASA World?
A. The Secretariat is the main organ for co-ordination of the various Councils within ASA World. It is headed by the SG assisted by Assistant SG(s) and provides ASA World and her various organs with the following services:
a) Recording and Document Custodial Services;
b) Publicity, Publication, and Public Relations Services;
c) Accounting and Budgeting Services;
d) Treasury and Finance Services;
e) Other Admin Services.
27. Q. How about the General Assembly of ASA World?
A. This is the grassroots arm of ASA World and shall have the following functions and structure:
a. Comprise:
Presidents of Anambra State Association World-wide or their delegates; and
Presidents of Anambra State Association or their delegates if applicable
b. Together, the Anambra State Association will be accredited and periodically re-accreditation subject to minimum standards prescribed by the ASA World bylaw.
28. Q. Has the Governing Council Prescribed the Minimum Standards required for designation of an Association as ASA World accredited affiliates?
A. No. But it is expected that those ASA World affiliates will present ASA World with a means for rapid mobilization of NdiAnambra World-wide and be engaged in activities in order to project Anambrarians in a favorable light in their relevant communities.
29. Q. What other roles will the General Assembly Play for ASA World?
A. Subject to approval of the Governing Council, the General Assembly of ASA World may do any of the following:
a. Organize annual or biennial “United Anambra Summit” for NdiAnambra;
b. Make yearly recommendations for Anambra with outstanding record of public service to NdiAnambra for special citation by the Governing Council;
d. Will make non-binding recommendations to ASA World Governing Council;
e. Will remit operational dues per capita to ASA World for ASA World’s operations;
f. Present ASA World with a rapid response and mobilization conduit such as interlinked system of electronic forums so that ASA World’s pronouncements may reach Igbo grass roots allowing ASA World to mobilize NdiAnambra for political and social action as expeditiously as the circumstances warrant.
30. Q. Are you saying that Affiliates also have a stake in ASA World?
A. Yes. Just as Affiliates have a stake in their State Associations.
32. Q. How about the functions and compositions of member of the ASA World and Trusteeship Council?
A. The ASA World & Trusteeship Council will have the following functions:
a. Be the Dispute Resolution Headquarters of ASA World – both Internally and Externally and shall have binding authority and final arbitration powers in certain disputes properly submitted before it.
b. Shall be charged with being Ambassadors of ASA World and to present non-binding advisory recommendations on any matter of Anambra interest to the Governing Council;
c. Shall help cultivate a positive communication channels between ASA World and other outside organizations – particularly Anambra State government and other Nigerian Igbo organizations. It is expected in due course that ASA World will have a permanent representative in Anambra State drawn from this council.
33. Q. How about the composition of the Anambra Elder and Trusteeship Council?
A. It shall comprise men/women of suitable discretion and maturity, upon appointment by the Board of Presidents.
It shall also comprise the following statutory members:
a. Ex-Presidents of Anambra Associations after serving out a two year period as Emeritus members of the Governing Council;
b. Ex- Secretary Generals and Deputy Secretary Generals after serving out a one year period as Emeritus members of the Governing Council.
34. Q. How About the Media and Public Relations Council?
A. The Media and Public Relations Council has three roles:
a. To Secure for ASA World and Anambrarians in the Diaspora as much positive press and positive institutional relations as possible;
b. To help ASA World Internationalize Anambra Causes;
c. To cultivate relationships with Nigerian Journalists of Anambra extraction and sensitize them to Anambra State advocacy;
35. Q. What sort of a person can belong to the Media and Public Relations Council?
A. Someone who has excellent writing and advocacy skills and is passionate about defending Anambra interests. ASA World always has room for media specialist who meet the qualifications to be crew members.
36. Q. Can you revisit the job of the Presidents within ASA World?
A. Yes. As the National State Associations go, so goes ASA World. ASA World has paramount interest in ensuring the viability of National State Associations. However, while the National State Associations have original jurisdiction over their Intra-State matters in their respective country of domicile, ASA World has jurisdiction on matters that cut across Dispora Anambra State on worldwide bases. In ASA World, the National State Presidents will provide the Presiding Officers of ASA World Governing Council and shall source leaders for ASA World as well screen and appoint SG, ASGs, DSGs, and Special Project Heads as the case may be.
37. Q. Can the Governing Council have Committees?
A. Yes. Special Projects of the Governing Council may be headed by Governing Council Appointed Committee heads. However, resolutions of the Governing Council will be passed down to the appropriate Council for implementation. It is expected that issues facing ASA World will either be political, social, economic or legal in nature and these projects will be referred to their respective Councils. In other words, it is expected that the Committees will drive ASA World rather than ASA World driving the Committees and the Governing Council will be looking for expertise opinions and recommendations from the respective DSGs.
38. Q. Can you give examples of projects and which councils may handle them?
A. Yes. Social Council – Anambra Day Celebration, Igbo Anthem, Youth Advantage programs, etc.
Igbo Economic Council: Anambra Economic Summit; Anambra Education Summit; Public Health Issues; Labor and Employment Matters: International Investments and Igbo Economic empowerment: Chamber of Commerce; etc
Anambra Security Council – Anambra Human Rights; Anambra Security Issues; Sanctions against Anambra enemies; Nigerian Inter-ethnic relationship issues; National Census; Resource Allocation;Igbo political appointments; Igbo political issues re: Nigerian military; Nigerian –legislative watchdog role; Current political issues facing NdiAnambra, NdiIgbo; Consensus Anambra Political Candidates; International Igbo issues e.g; etc.
Anambra Elder and Trusteeship Council – Anambra Elders Forum relations; Diaspora Anambra organizations relations; Dispute resolutions within ASA World and ASA World affiliates etc
General Assembly – United Anambra Summit; ASA World Consensus Nigerian Presidential Candidate; Anambra man of the year award etc
Anambra Legal Defense Council – Initiate lawsuits, intervene in lawsuits; prosecute crimes against NdiAnambra/NdiIgbo; provide legal advise to ASA World and her constituent entities etc.
ASA World Secretariat – Provide admin support; facilitate Council projects, maintain a database of World leaders and NGOs and GOs; provide Press and Public Relations and ancillary support services; maintain a database of Igbo political and community leaders both in Nigeria and abroad. Ensure that pronouncements from ASA World’s councils reach the public, Anambra and Igbo leaders of consequence.
39. Q. Does ASA World have a Provost?
A. No. ASA World has no provost – but if it deems it necessary may appoint a Provost in order to ensure proper parliamentary protocols in the way they deliberate and do business.
40. Q. Does ASA World have a Treasurer, Financial Secretary?
A. Yes. These Officer Positions are members of the ASA World Secretariat at the Assistant Deputy Secretary General levels..
41. Q. Does ASA World have a Publicity Secretary?
A. Yes. ASA World has a Public Relations Officer in Charge of Media and Public Relations.
42. Q. Can you put ASA World’s Organizational Chart in Words?
A. Yes. At the Apex is the Board of Presidents/Directors followed by the Secretary General followed by the Deputy Secretary Generals of the various Councils as well as the Deputy Secretary General, Media and Public Relations. All of these crew members constitute members of the ASA World Governing Council. Below the Deputy Secretary General Level are Crew Members at the Assistant Deputy General Secretary Levels such as the Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Copy Review and Publications Officer etc. As each Department or Council deems fit, it may also create crew members below the Assistant Deputy Secretary General levels. As part of drawing their own internal Charter, which shall not be inconsistent with ASA World’s charter, the DSGs will present the Governing Council with their own internal organizational chart.
43. Q. Can you give more examples of crew members at the Assistant Deputy Secretary General level?
A. Yes. First note generally that Assistant Deputy Secretary General level crew members report to the Deputy Secretary General level crew members in the various Departments and Councils, who in turn report to the Secretary General, who reports to the Board of Presidents. It is however preferred that crew members at the Assistant Deputy Secretary Generals bear titles more descriptive of their position. For instance, if the Anambra Security Council creates a sub-committee or commission called Anambra Human Rights Commission; such a sub- sub-committee may be headed by a Director of ASA World Human Rights Commission which in effect is an Assistant Deputy Secretary General level position. The Director of the ASA World Human Rights Commission will in turn report to the Deputy Secretary General of ASA World Security Council.
44. Q. So ASA-World will involve itself with political matters facing NdiAnambra/NdiIgbo?
A. Yes, but only to the extent that such matters cut across Anambra/Igbo State lines. ASA World does not have original jurisdiction over matters that are wholly an affiliate branch country matter. The ASA World Security Council is the political arm of ASA World.
46. Q. If that is the case, what has ASA World done to show that it has learnt lessons from the way partisan politics and politicians ravaged other Igbo organizations?
A. Many. First, ASA World does not hold elections. Secondly, ASA World’s appointees, without exceptions, are always subject to removal or re-appointment. Thirdly, ASA World’s Presiding Officer only holds that position for a short period of time on a rotational basis amongst all the constituent State entities. Fourthly, decisions at the Governing Council are one country, one vote, as such no crew member in ASA World has an individual vote at the Governing Council. Fifthly, issues such as adopting a consensus Igbo Presidential Candidate will be based on consensus decision of the General Assembly and will not be a decision to be made by a few key operatives. For instance, a partisan politician who wants to exert undue influence to secure ASA-World’s endorsement would have to direct such attention, not to the State Presidents but to all the delegates of ASA World -accredited affiliates which comprises member Associations and Chapters of ASA World’s constituent State Associations. Because ASA World has been designed as organizationally flat, there are not necks that can be subject of undue influence by Anambra enemies.
47. Q. So where will ASA World get the money it needs to function if it does not plan to get it from politicians?
A. ASA World’s life blood is the viability of ASA World’s constituent State Associations. The more vibrant they are, the more vibrant ASA World will be. ASA World believes that if it earns and maintains the goodwill of NdiAnambra, NdiAnambra will support their own. Meanwhile, ASA World’s administrative activities will be supported by dues imposed on ASA World accredited affiliates of the General Assembly.
48. Q. What of Anambra Associations that are not state-affiliated can they send delegates to ASA World General Assembly?
A. The ASA World Governing Council has not made a decision on that yet. All duly registered and active member of Anambra State indigenes are welcome to apply and are given respectful consideration for membership in ASA World
50. Q. I have strong leadership skills and I am a team player, how can I join ASA World?
A. Either contact your National President directly or contact any ASA World crew member who will in turn forward your application to your National President for screening and recommendation. Kindly indicate what Council(s) you are interested in serving in.
51. Q. Briefly, exactly what are the missions of ASA World?
A. To advocate for NdiAnambra/NdiIgbo at the highest level; to internationalize Anambra matters; to seek to attain one global Anambra Voice by perfecting a global Anambra State.
52. Q. What happens if two Associations from the same country applied for membership in ASA World?
A. In an instance where there are more than one registered Association in a country, ASA World bylaw in addition to our philosophical alignments and Common goal of empowering our people in Anambra State and in the Diasporas provides ASA World with the framework and the guiding principle for determination and acceptance to ASA World’s membership.
53. Q. What is ASA World’s registration status for what purpose?
A. ASA World is duly registered in Anambra State as a credible Consortium with a sole purpose of collaborating with the “Government of the day” in Anambra State and in some cases Nigeria and or anywhere were Anambra State interest is affected.
54. Q. How many countries are currently in ASA World?
A. Current membership are from 13 member countries and counting; Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Ireland, India, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Spain.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Chudi Asidianya, BA, MA, LSC;
Secretary General ASA World
Dr.Nwachukwu Anakwenze
Chairman, ASA World
President Anambra State Progressive-Toronto Canada
ASA World Secretariat: 8A – 1646 Victoria Park Avenue- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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